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Maxburst offers Web development and online marketing services to customers in Long Island and the wider New York metropolitan area. This is a company that has a true passion for Web design that is based on some of the most powerful open source technology. In fact, Maxburst prefers to apply the LAMP standard for just about any project ranging from corporate websites and blogs to information portals and e-commerce shops. LAMP is an abbreviation for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. In some instances, Perl and Python are also included in Web development that is based on LAMP standards. Maxburst applies LAMP to templates that are powered by popular open source platforms. For example, Joomla, WordPress, Magento and Druapl can also be synced with MySQL, which is a powerful syntax for managing databases. Even the simplest website that only has a few Web pages can still be set up to communicate with a database. Maxburst secures MySQL databases on cloud servers that are linked to reliable Web hosts. This action can once again be related to the LAMP technology. Apache and Linux are some of the most common operating systems that can be used to securely manage websites. Maxburst is also skilled in promoting websites that are powered by open source technology. For example, WordPress has various search engine optimization features that can be activated via simple modules. Custom marketing campaigns can also be launched on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are usually effective at attracting traffic from these popular search engines.