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Canvas is a digital design company based in New York City. They have won several awards for their stunning creations making them a leader in their field. Canvas helps businesses find unexpected ways to get people to notice websites and their clients companies. They strive to create photos and videos that move people with emotional attachments that lead conversion rates higher. These people want to spend time on the client website because they are fascinated by the graphics and descriptions that the talented staff at Canvas creates for them. Canvas has worked with many global companies like Google and Estee Lauder. They have also worked with television giants like BBC and HBO. Canvas was nominated for four Webby awards in 2015 alone. Their exceptional designs and marketing techniques have landed their clients on the trending list for Facebook and Twitter. When businesses need someone they can trust their reputation to, they often choose Canvas because their design executives always create unique plans for each client they serve. They combine their resources and brainstorm new ideas to get businesses noticed for the things that make them stand out from the competition. The differences in each business can be changed into motivational ideas to set the company apart from others in their field. Canvas takes the time to get to know each client and what they do that is so different from their largest competitors. These differences are the starting point for their campaign. Shining a light on what sets their clients apart is how Canvas operates.