New Poll: Are Foodies more likely to be Entrepreneurs?

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In a recent poll conducted by 10 Best Design, research questioned whether individuals who self-identified as foodies might be more or less likely to want to become entrepreneurs. The study showed a statistically significant difference between the groups of "Foodies" and "non-Foodies" which went all the way from whether or not they believed it likely that they would one day build a website to whether or not they even wanted to start a company.

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10 Best Design has become known around the world for its extensive and in-depth coverage of the design industry. From the Audio 9 Design Podcast to the lists of Top Web Design Companies that our research staff selects, 10 Best Design has been involved with sifting through information and stats to help you better understand what's new, what's old, and what could be coming next. Our research staff has now compiled some interesting news and data, allowing you to learn from our insights.

Political Affiliation vs. Entrepreneurial Spirit & Design

It might be that your political affiliation or voting habits could predict your likelihood of having a carreer in digital design. Is it possible that it has an effect on entrepreneurship too?

Political Affiliation in Digital Design
Younger vs. Older Millennials in Design

10 Best Design investigates the claim that there is a division within the Millennial generation by researching their differences in beliefs revolving the design industry.

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