New Poll: Is The Coronavirus Creating More Entrepreneurs?

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This new research sets out to discover if living conditions, economic changes, or fear relating to coronavirus might create new entrepreneurs or less. 10 Best Design, a research & polling organization that takes randomized samples of Americans, discovers trends and explores the future of design, business, & entrepreneurship. This study suggests that a statistically significant change has occurred in the mindsets of wouldbe founders. The number of individuals who thought they would one day build a website to accommodate the start of a company has also been changed by the pandemic.

Report on COVID-19 & Entrepreneurship Is Coming Soon!

10 Best Design: Business in Pre- vs. Post- Coronavirus

Consumer Preferences May Have Already Changed Which Could Alter Long-Term Consumer Behavior

Respondents to a recent study done by online research and polling agency 10 Best Design have shown that after just a few months of increased usage of online shopping as a primary purchasing location, there has been a huge increase in the percentage of individuals who say that they like that process more.

Consumer Preferences Pre- vs Post- Coronavirus
Americans Are Overwhelming Optimistic About The U.S. Economy Two Years Out

Despite the U.S. economy shrinking at a rate of 4.8% in the first quarter of 2020 – the fastest pace since 2008, respondents in a recent study done by 10 Best Design has shown that the vast majority of Americans are hopeful about the future of the economy, rather than have a negative outlook.

Optimism in Post-Coronavirus

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10 Best Design has become known around the world for its extensive and in-depth coverage of the design industry. From the Audio 9 Design Podcast to the lists of Top Web Design Companies that our research staff selects, 10 Best Design has been involved with sifting through information and stats to help you better understand what's new, what's old, and what could be coming next. Our research staff has now compiled some interesting news and data, allowing you to learn from our insights.

Political Affiliation vs. Entrepreneurial Spirit & Design

It might be that your political affiliation or voting habits could predict your likelihood of having a carreer in digital design. Our research explores the idea that business acumen and affinity for entrepreneurship is linked to your political affiliation. Are Republicans the bigger job creators or is that the role of Democrats? Maybe its the Libertarians or those of the Green Party who are most likely to be accepting new job applications right now.

Political Affiliation in Digital Design
Are Foodies more likely to be Entrepreneurs?

In a recent poll conducted by 10 Best Design, research questioned whether individuals who self-identified as foodies might be more or less likely to want to become entrepreneurs. The study showed a statistically significant difference between the groups of "Foodies" and "non-Foodies" which went all the way from whether or not they believed it likely that they would one day build a website to whether or not they even wanted to start a company.

Report on Foodie Entrepreneurs
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