10 Best Shopify Design Companies

Last Updated January 01, 2020

Best Shopify Design Businesses of 2020
Rank Name Website Location Hourly Rate Rating Employees Learn More

Arctic Grey Inc arcticgrey.com Mountain View $$$ 98% 10-50

Sweden Unlimited swedenunlimited.com New York $$$$$ 96% 10-50

Wolfpoint Agency wolfpointagency.com New York $$$$ 96% 10-50
4 Mote mote.agency Los Angeles $$$ 96% 10-50
5 Comrade comradeweb.com Chicago $$$$ 91% 10-50
6 Constructive constructive.co New York $$$$ 90% 10-50
7 Isadora Agency isadoradigitalagency.com Manhattan Beach $$$$$ 87% 10-50
8 Somo Global somoglobal.com London $$$$$ 87% 50-250
9 Arhue arhue.com San Francisco $$$$ 86% 10-50
10 Avex avexdesigns.com New York $$$$ 86% 10-50

#1 of 10 Best Shopify Design FirmsArctic Grey Inc

800 W El Camino Real, #180, Mountain View, California 94040 - +1 (650) 288-0533

#1 of 10 Best Shopify Design Companies of 2020 - Selling products around the globe has never been easier than it is today. The Internet has made it possible to sell products that you do not even actually possess. The power of dropshipping allows this to happen. All you need is an effective website that you can use to sell those products. That is where Arctic Grey Inc can help you. They have been named the best Shopify Design Company because they understand the business of dropshipping. They know what you need out of an eCommerce site and they are able to deliver it to you. You will love the results.

#2 of 10 Best Shopify Design BusinessesSweden Unlimited

199 Lafayette St, #4A, New York, New York 10012 - +1 (212) 941-5904

#2 of 10 Top Shopify Design Agencies of 2020 - Sweden Unlimited is a top design company based in New York City that helps each client define the beauty, fashion and luxury of their brand. Whether it's in e-commerce development, marketing campaigns or editorial platforms, their team of authorities creates the best way for a company to shine and exceed their business objectives. Sweden Unlimited is a leader in strategic positioning and utilizing platforms like Shopify to connect with consumers. The company has worked with brand name giants like Calvin Klein Fragrances, Elizabeth Arden, Pandora Jewelry, Akris, Ippolita, A.L.C. and Chanel.

#3 of 10 Best Shopify Design FirmsWolfpoint Agency

450 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10017 - +1 (212) 889-9510

#3 of 10 Best Shopify Design Agencies of 2020 - Setting up a website on Shopify so that consumers can engage in eCommerce is a key way for a business to grow. Consumers increasingly turn to the internet to make their purchases or to learn about services that they have to pay for in person. Businesses find that they can get more sales if they offer an online payment option on Shopify. The next step in the process of growing sales on Shopify is having a team of experts build the site on the Shopify platform. One of the 10 best options for American Shopify designers is the Wolfpoint Agency.

#4 of 10 Top Shopify Design AgenciesMote

Los Angeles, California - +1 (142) 464-50349

#4 of 10 Top Shopify Design Companies of 2020 - If you are in the business of selling items online, then you are already aware of the importance that your website brings to the table. If you want people to buy from you, then you need a site that is easy to use and simple to update. That is what you will get when you have Mote working on it for you. They have been awarded the designation of being the best Shopify design company around today. This means that they can design a site unique to your business and one that will attract new traffic your way. You will want to contact them today.

#5 of 10 Top Shopify Design FirmsComrade

770 N Halsted Street, #106, Chicago, Illinois 60642 - +1 (312) 265-0580

#5 of 10 Best Shopify Design Businesses of 2020 - Chicago is home to some of the largest businesses in the United States for several reasons, such as having a favorable national position and not being too far out of the loop based on its geography in relation to other major cities and having tons of people living there in cities with relatively high rents, requiring residents to have more money to live there than many other places in the state of Illinois, the United States at large, and also the world. Comrade, also known as Comrade Digital Marketing, is the best Shopify design company and has proven itself as such.

#6 of 10 Best Shopify Design CompaniesConstructive

611 Broadway St, #430, New York, New York 10012 - +1 (212) 925-6460

#6 of 10 Top Shopify Design Agencies of 2020 - Constructive is a Shopify design company based out of New York, NY. Constructive ties their experience in building brand experiences all across different industries with their knowledge of Shopify to build unique online shops that grab customers, no matter what type of product or service is trying to be sold. Constructive has a long history of working with businesses such as Climate Impact Lab, Surdna Foundation, Rhodium Group, Unbounded, Weizmann Institute, and more to create brand experiences.

#7 of 10 Best Shopify Design AgenciesIsadora Agency

1600 Rosecrans Avenue, Manhattan Beach, California 90266 - +1 (310) 560-4675

#7 of 10 Top Shopify Design Companies of 2020 - It is always useful to sell products online. This allows you to see the entire world as your potential marketplace. All you really need to get started is an effective website. That is where you want to invest your energy. To get it done right, you will want to use Isadora Agency. This is the best Shopify Design Company because they know specifically how to integrate eCommerce into the functionality of the site itself. The result is a visually appealing platform that your customers can easily navigate, find the products they want, and make their purchases. This is what you need.

#8 of 10 Best Shopify Design FirmsSomo Global

Portland House Bressenden Place, #18, London, UK 0

#8 of 10 Best Shopify Design Firms of 2020 - Somo Global works hard to provide innovative solutions to their customers digital experiences. They have worked with and continue to work with many well-known companies from around the world to help them market their products and services and create a successful experience for them. Somo Global came into existence as the mobile environment started growing. They help their customers create and express information about their products and services in a unique way for digital media. They also follow them along the way to help meet the new demands that the digital media age requires. Somo Global takes care of their customers needs from start to finish and all phases in between.

#9 of 10 Top Shopify Design CompaniesArhue

500 Sansome St, #600, San Francisco, California 94111 - +1 (415) 921-9237

#9 of 10 Best Shopify Design Businesses of 2020 - Arhue is a Shopify design company located in San Francisco, CA. Working with the Shopify platform, Arhue works to create unique Shopify designs that bring a touch that any business could need to make themselves stand out from others that use the Shopify platform as well. Arhue has worked with many large businesses before such as Wells Fargo, Google, Coors, Wired, NFL, Discovery Channel, Samsung, Adidas, and more to all create unique Shopify shops that increate their online merchandise sales.

#10 of 10 Best Shopify Design AgenciesAvex

175 Varick St., #4, New York, NY 10014 - +1 (646) 982-1574

#10 of 10 Top Shopify Design Firms of 2020 - Shopify is a popular platform used by small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to cut out the middle man of online marketplaces. The platform is easy for customers to use and simplifies the checkout process. One of the 10 best firms for building a site for eCommerce on Shopify is Avex. The associates at Avex work to set up an eCommerce site that is easy to browse on any smartphone or mobile device. Avex also takes the time to ensure that all of the details submitted by the customer are fully encrypted, preventing any data from being lost online.

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