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Created nearly 15 years ago by a trio of Canadian entrepreneurs, Shopify is an e-commerce company that is best known for its free-to-use e-commerce platform. Businesses of all sizes can simply log online, search for Shopify, and create a website that they can sell stuff on within no more than a few minutes. These businesses can even accept payments through Shopify. Although Shopify is firmly established in the world of Internet business, many web users do not fancy visiting the same, boring sites again and again. Shopify sites tend to look like the same because they rely on templates to make it easy for proprietors and entrepreneurs to create their online shops. Comrade is a company that forms brand new web page designs for Shopify sites for a very low fee. Said to be the best Shopify design company on the market, Comrade helps small web-based businesses beef up the appearance of their web pages.