Political Affiliation is Related to Appetite for Business. But how?

10 Best Design is an online industry magazine that is well-known among members of the traditional and digital design community. Using in-depth expertise and experience, our researchers have conducted a market study on the relationship between political affiliation and propensity for business or entrepreneurship.

Though individuals associated with the Liberatarian Party are more likely to be business owners than those with other political affiliations, another group is more likely to be planning to become an entrepreneur in the future... ↴

Voting Breakdown

We've all heard the story a million times by now: President Trump won the electoral college by a substantial amount, but actually lost the popular vote. What we don't all know the true breakdown of votes in the 2016 election.

With this in mind, our researchers found interesting correlations between political affiliation and business acumen or intent. Interestingly, party affiliation and voting history seems to be linked to various forms of success or tendancies in entrepreneurship and digital design.

Democrats May Be More Likely To Be Business Owners

Of the four main political parties, those who identified themselves as Democrats were the most likely to currently be business owners. They are also the most likely to be or have been a part of a Digital Design Firm.

Green Party is Most Likely to Have Post-Grad Degree

Those who identified themselves as members of the Green Party were most likely to have reached a post graduate degree. Democrats were not far behind, followed by Republicans, Independent / No Affiliation, with Libertarians in last place in this category. Interestingly, Libertarians were actually the most likely to have received their Bachelor's Degree.

Libertarians & Republicans May Earn More

Responses to the design and entrepreneurship poll indicated that Liberatarians are 35.79% more likely to earn $100k+ per year than those affiliated with all other parties and no party, combined. Republicans are similarly 12.39% more likely to earn $100k or more. On the other end of the spectrum, those who identified as members of the Green Party were 23.75% less likely to earn over $100k+ when compared to the other parties or no party, combined. Democrats where the most likely to earn over $200k, at a rate of about 8.75%

But, When It Came Down To It...

Political affiliation is a loose basis for how a person acts. It doesn't even necessarily dictate which candidate they will vote for. The graph below is the voting patterns as reported by the survey group, based on their self-identified political affiliation. Green Party members were less likely to have selected their party's candidate than voting for Hillary Clinton. Those who identified as Libertarians voted for Gary Johnson about as frequently as they voted for another candidate.

Likelihood of Voting by Political Affiliation

Even a significant percentage of Democrats voted for the Republican candidate and vice versa.

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