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Bring Whimsy to Your Graphic Design Portfolio!

What is whimsical design?

A whimsical graphic or website design is one that creates a feeling of playfulness or fun. It is a popular trend in graphic and website design right now, being featured on such sites such as XHTML Cafe , Inservo and Pixelbaecker. Probably the most prominent site using whimsical illustrations right now is Dropbox, and surely at some point you’ve clicked on an animated Google Doodle with a whimsical touch!

When to use whimsical design

A whimsical design is not a one size fits all design solution. It is better suited to some subjects than to others ...

Using Packaging to Develop Brand Identity

The Challenge

When you walk into a store, especially one of the big box stores that dominate the retail market today, what do you see? Thousands of products, stacked together on the shelves.

Your client’s customers will be walking into this store, ready to buy. That’s why they are there. How do you get them to choose your client’s product, and not one of the myriad of other options available to them? Your design has to clearly differentiate the product from the others, and make it the most appealing. It’s not going to be easy!

The Iconic Brand Identities

Some products and companies have got it made. Consumers have developed a familiarity with the product over decades of exposure, and so the already established brand identity of the packaging makes the sale. Just consider the Quaker Oats package.

Flat UI: Will It Work For You?

What is Flat UI?

Flat UI is all about the beauty of simplicity. It is a minimalist webpage design that:

  • eliminates 3-D effects such as gradients or texture
  • uses simple user interface elements such as buttons
  • uses color blocks of bold, monochromatic hues without shading
  • illustrates with icons or simple drawings
  • uses a sans-serif, clean-lined font

In other words, it creates a clean, bright, easily navigated site with a minimum of visual interference.

Single Page Website Design

In our daily life, we have all found ourselves getting lost in the tangle of a website with multiple pages, never quite sure of where to go to find what we want. This has led some designers towards a seemingly simplified website consisting of single page design.

That's it. Not a landing page that leads you on to various sub-pages or sections. Once you arrive at the site, you have no further navigation.

Obviously, this one-page solution will not work for all websites. However, there are many instances in which this elegant, intuitive format will be just what both the site owner and users need.

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