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Dotcomweavers is a Web development agency that has two offices in key locations. The Paramus, NJ office appeals to clients in the New York metropolitan area. The Hyderabad office is used to attract customers from all over India and other neighboring countries in Asia. It is safe to say that Dotcomweavers is a global agency with a diverse client base that includes corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations. The forte at Dotcomweavers is in e-commerce development that is almost exclusively based on open source standards. Magento Hosting is a type of platform that is strongly preferred by the e-commerce team at this company. Sometimes, Shopify is also utilized to build online stores for merchants. Both of these platforms must be linked to databases that hold important information about the products that are listed in catalogs. Dotcomweavers has a skilled team of programmers with expertise in PHP and MySQL. Such syntax is useful in managing databases that are set up on e-commerce websites. Dotcomweavers believes in efficient Web design that does not have any glitches and mishaps in codes and scripts. This firm does extensive debugging to find any problems with HTML tags. Improper tags on Web pages can lead to relegation on search engines such as Google and Bing. The experts at this agency can actually restore the rankings of websites that have been relegated due to poor coding. Search engine optimization can be applied in an organic fashion to make sure that a given domain name gets its ranking back.