Are Foodies more likely to be Entrepreneurs?

The research team at 10 Best Design recently conducted a poll of roughly 400 individuals from across America, and though many results fell in line with what one might expect, our team was surpirsed by some discoveries about the relationship between "Foodies" and entrepreneurship. As it turns out a statistically significant difference exists between the groups of self-identified "Foodies" and their "Non-Foodies" counterparts.

Foodies are in fact WAY more likely to want to start a business within their lifetimes, but... ↴

Foodies by the Numbers

Despite the fact that roughly 65% of all of people surveyed said that they did NOT identify as "Foodies," there was a noticeable difference when the question was posed to specific age groups.

As it turns out, the younger the respondent, the more likely they are to identify as a "Foodie." Individuals surveyed between the ages of 18 and 24 years old were actually more likely to identify as a "Foodie" than to consider themselves "Non-Foodies."

30% More Likely to Participate in Community Service

Likelihood of Community Service Among Foodies

One might think that Foodies are hedonistic in one way or another, but the data paints a very different picture! 68.06% of Foodies stated that they participate in community service at least once a year, whereas only 52.34% of Non-Foodies said that they are active in their communities.
Foodies were also 6.40% more likely to have given to charitable foundations within the last year, according to their responses.

Does Where You're From Make You a Foodie?

Respondents from the Southeast and from the Northeast dominated the survey, where nearly half of the population identified as Foodies (46.94% and 44.68%, respectively). Those were the outliers, however. Those in the Southwest, West and Midwest all fell below 40% Foodies. Most shocking was that people from the Southwest were 33.86% more likely to respond as Foodies than those from the Midwest.

Foodies are 49.86% More Likely to Want Start a Business

The most striking statistic that our research team found from this poll revolved around the correlation between Foodies and aspoused entrepreneurship. Those who identified as Foodies are 49.86% more likely to want to start a business than their Non-Foodie counterparts. This stat remained relatively true of Foodies, regardless of their income bracket, education level, or geographical location. Not surprisingly, they are also about 21.90% more likely to believe that they will one day have a website built.

Likelihood of Starting a Business Among Foodies

Put Your Money Where Your Food Goes!

So being a "Foodie" is good if you want to be an entrepreneur, right?
Well, it turns out that those who actually own or run a business are LESS likely to consider themselves Foodies.

Likelihood of Community Service Among Foodies

With that said, the fact that younger generations are simultaneously more likely to be Foodies AND less likely to own businesses could mean that a very large crop of innovators and entrepreneurs are on the horizon.
... Or it could mean that Foodies talk the talk, but don't Wok the Wok...