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As a Web design company that boasts an office in Manhattan, Blue Fountain Media mostly focuses on acquiring corporate clients from the financial district of New York City. Many of the customers seek several types of responsive websites that can attract consumers all over the world. For example, promotional websites can be best launched on open source platforms such as WordPress or Joomla. Blogs on such template-based websites are perfect for showing off new products or services offered by a given company. If there is a need to actually sell physical merchandise or digital products, then Blue Fountain Media deploys e-commerce platforms such as Magento or Shopify. Shopping carts are set up properly to provide an easy time for visitors who'd like to buy items online without worries about cyber security. Blue Fountain Media can easily install SSL certificates and other barriers that protect the financial information of shoppers who use secure shopping carts. To give consumers extra peace of mind at checkout, this firm could activate Paypal and Google Wallet. Such payment processing systems do not require shoppers to input any credit card information. Blue Fountain Media also has a graphics design department that could launch new logos for customers. Headers and other visible parts of Web pages can be significantly enhanced with attractive images that are customized by this firm. The color schemes of websites are also made in such a way as to reflect the existing brand of a given client in order to enhance recognition among patrons worldwide.