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As a company that boasts an office in the heart of California's Silicon Valley, EIGHT25MEDIA offers superior Web development. This agency draws a lot of inspiration from some of the high-tech giants that are based in the Silicon Valley such as Google and Apple. It is quite natural for this firm to deploy applications and use other powerful tools that are published by major IT entities. For example, EIGHT25MEDIA integrates Google Analytics into Web hosts. Such a technology allows webmasters to monitor the movement of traffic and make changes to website content in order to attract more visitors. Google Maps is another popular application that is integrated into websites that promote a business or organization with a physical address. This agency loves to utilize geographic-based applications that provide useful directions and other information for visitors on a given website. When it comes to launching mobile applications, EIGHT25MEDIA gets a lot of inspiration from the corporate headquarters of Apple. Most of the apps are specifically developed to run on the latest editions of the iOS platforms for iPhones and iPads. EIGHT25MEDIA polishes mobile apps for the Apple Safari Web browser. When developing apps for mobile devices, this company also takes into consideration the Android operating system. Google technology dominates the software in Android smartphones and tablets, so EIGHT25MEDIA makes apps that are optimized for the Chrome Web browser. Additionally, cross-platform compatibility is another key priority in Web development by this agency. Responsive websites by this firm are launched to load properly on various platforms including Microsoft Windows.