Use API and Go Full Stack for Your Website

When it comes to creating a hobby website, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First, like a person did recently on an online forum, it can sometimes be a very good idea to ask for constructive criticism. After all, when you work on a website for so long, it is difficult to view it objectively. Asking for feedback allows you to see your project through the lens of someone who is landing on it for the first time.

You'll want to ensure that all of the relevant sections possess headings. Work on integrating each item on your page so that it looks seamless. Another issue to keep in mind is the contrast. It's up to your aesthetic sensibilities to ensure that nothing important fades into the background. In this day and age, our eyes are continually bombarded by all kinds of marketing messages, so it is crucial to make websites as easy on the eyes as possible. You can do this by using section dividers that give the eye a bit of a break, and you can also do this by making use of clean typography that allows visitors to read your website without any impediments. One user suggested employing a grid system to organize items, making the user experience as delightful as possible.

If you want to be ambitious, go for a full stack project. You can even build a new API for it. In the website that the person recently posted about in an online forum, many of the other users were very curious about their backend. And, in fact, the user stated that they are working on the backend a great deal. Eventually they would like for all of the functionality to exist within the site. That way, users are able to easily edit information themselves. For more information click here