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Lounge Lizard is a New York-based company that builds websites with a focus on the user experience. The talented programmers at this firm emphasize the importance of having a solid UX/UI on any given website. One way to enhance the accessibility of websites is to use open source templates that work well on various Web browsers. For example, WordPress templates come with drop-down menus that are simple to use even on mobile devices. WordPress also allows webmasters to activate dynamic features such as headers and menus that automatically shift and rotate. Interactive Web pages on WordPress can be activated to allow users to leave comments and reviews on blogs and other types of posts. Lounge Lizard offers branding solutions for companies that need to redefine themselves on the World Wide Web. Logos can be enhanced with the addition of new color schemes and other simple icons. This agency knows how to enhance a given brand without damaging an established reputation. Dynamic websites could be easily changed to reflect the evolution of clients who are represented on the pages. Lounge Lizard recommends that content management systems be used for websites that require frequent editing. Drupal and Magento are some of the popular options that are available for webmasters who plan on adding fresh content on a weekly basis. Lounge Lizard can provide some basic training on the controls of such CMS platforms that come with thousands of modules. Free plugins and extensions could be added to such open source templates.