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Custom Web design by Icreon is heavily centered on open source technology and content management systems. This firm employs programmers who have mastered PHP and ASP.NET technology that is typically used to develop the back end of websites. After taking care of Web hosting configurations, Icreon moves on to deploying other powerful syntax for the front end of websites. HTML5 is used in conjunction with CSS3 to build the foundation of source code. Javascript is also used by this firm for simple animations and other dynamic interfaces that enhance the user experience. Icreon's technical capabilities extend into application programming interface (API) for custom websites that are powered by proprietary software and content management systems. Versatile Web apps are seamlessly integrated into templates such as WordPress, Drupal and Magento. This company also explores a large selection of other open source solutions that can be deployed for e-commerce and enterprise-level use. For example, Shopify can be utilized as a substitute for Magento-based online stores. Zencart is another great tool that may be imported into a custom online shop that runs on popular CMS templates. After launching a website, Icreon focuses on marketing and technical support solutions for managed clients. Sponsored search engine optimization services are available for websites that sell merchandise or digital products. Pay-per-click ads are part of aggressive SEO campaigns that focus on improving conversion rates of Web traffic. For websites that don't sell anything, it's better for them to be optimized with organic methods that include the editing of source code tags.