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Possible is a digital design company that works to create strategies and marketing techniques to help businesses take advantage of a niche in their market. With their expertise, customers can launch a new company or rebrand an existing firm. They use big ideas to create change that shake up the digital market. They also strive to create seamless mobile technologies that allow people to access client websites no matter what device they use. Possible uses an extensive data collection process to help them stay current with market trends. They use data collection programs to help them find the right direction to lead their clients. Their work provides stunning results and is backed up by the awards and titles that Possible has earned in recent years. Possible has reached the title of "Best Places to Work" for two consecutive years. They have won gold medals at the Cannes Film Festival held annually in May. Possible has even launched a book on the ten fundamentals for business success. They are one of six companies that Amazon has given the title of "trusted creative partner." They were named one of the 50 Best Places to work by Advertising Age. They have also partnered with Swift to increase their creative potential and take their clients to new heights in mobile technologies and innovative advances. Possible has been mentioned in popular newspapers like the Wall Street Journal. Possible actively participates in the community by getting recreational grants, having curling contests, and joining forces with companies like Coca-Cola.