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RGA has several key departments that offer their clients a full-service approach to web marketing and interactive website development. They have experts in numerous fields including media connections, client services, experience technologies, design, analytics, and copywriting. They can help new companies launch their website and position their brand for maximum success. They can also help existing businesses with marketing strategies, graphic designs, website refreshes, and technology upgrades. RGA knows that keeping their clients successful means constant watch on the competition and market trends. Changes in the industry can signal a new trend. The best companies can see trends as they emerge to help steer their client in the right direction ahead of their biggest competition. This helps them get an advantage that can lead to more traffic generation and site conversions. RGA keeps extensive records of data to see whether changes are having a positive or negative effect on business. This oversight is another part of their complex abilities that help their clients stay relevant at all times. RGA has experts in product development, mobile applications, and digital advertising to get businesses more overall exposure. This visibility attracts new customers and raises profit margins. Data is measured to see the percentage of improvement for each client to maximize their return on investment with RGA. Their expert staff even offer maintenance plans that continue to monitor the progress a firm makes beyond the initial service if needed. RGA has several awards including the Cannes Titanium & Integrated Lions Award. They also have a CLIO, a SAMMY, and a WEBBY.