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Founded in 2004, Bowen media is a privately held, New York based digital marketing and design company. The company specializes in the fields of web design and internet marketing, though additional services are offered. These include search engine optimization, content creation, photography, and consulting. All of these services are usually involved in the creation of a website. Bowen Media websites have been made for companies both domestic and international, with websites in not only in English but also in Spanish, Greek, Korean, and Japanese. The company is known for its simple, yet contemporary and functional designs. The designs are created with an equal focus on form and function. Bowen media has created websites for small businesses as well as large corporations. The prices are mid-range, targeting a wide consumer base. The company has two offices, their main one in Mineola, NY, and the other in New York City. Bowen Media may be reached on their website for questions, comments, and price quotes.