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Based in Brooklyn, New York, Fuzz Productions was founded in 2001 by Nat Trienens (who currently serves as CEO) and Will Trienens. It is a digital marketing agency that focuses on designing and developing mobile apps and websites. Fuzz Productions recognized the grand potential of mobile development with the debut of the iPhone in 2007; with time, more clients -- like AT&T, Comedy Central, and MTV -- began to request development of mobile apps. The company began developing Android apps by 2009, and mobile has been the company's primary business since then. Fuzz Productions has worked with several clients, many of which are globally recognized brands. In addition to the aforementioned ones, Apple, Ford, the Author's Guild, Kaplan, Wegmans, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York Post, GNC, Disney, Google, Forever 21, and Zagat have relied on Fuzz's expertise. In addition to its NYC headquarters, Fuzz Productions has an office in Northampton, Massachusetts.