California Web Design Firms Directory

10 Best Design is a renowned source for news, updates, podcasts, reports, and more on both the traditional and digital design industries. Based in California, the 10 Best Design team has collected roughly 100 web design firms in the state and included them in this directory of web designers and web developers to aid those searching for the best web design studio for their needs.


Los Angeles, California

Sitting atop 10 Best Design's list of top LA web designers, SPINX has, in fact, become known as one of the great web design houses across the coutnry. This web design firm combines innovative development technologies with outstanding aesthetic. Their staff explores each project in a thorough discovery phase which serves to ensure that your next website is more than a just its design. Instead, bring your brand to life by understanding your goals and those of your customers or clients. Further strategy and planning allow SPINX to give you advanced web solutions, whether that be a website, mobile or tablet apps, enterprise CMS solutions, or online marketing.


San Francisco, California

Founded in 2010, EIGHT25MEDIA is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Fremont, California. Its services are nestled in the web design & development, mobile application development, search engine marketing (SEM), and user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design categories. Its clientele has included companies like Cloudian, Elo Corporate, Sand Hill Angels, TutorSync, Optimum Design, and Tripseer. According to EIGHT25MEDIA, the average client that uses its services sees a 200 percent increase in the amount of leads/transactions after working with the company.

Cofa Media

San Diego, California

Cofa Media's primary office is located in the San Diego area. This Web design agency has also an international presence in Serbia and the Netherlands. Cofa Media builds websites that are responsive enough to work on mobile platforms and desktop operating systems. This firm goes beyond just launching e-commerce stores that appeal to shoppers who use personal computers. These days, there is an emphasis on making online shops mobile-friendly to allow consumers to buy items via smartphones and tablets. Responsive Web Design by Cofa Media is primarily based on the latest standards of HTML and other scripts such as PHP and MySQL.

Isadora Design

Manhattan Beach, California

Isadora Design believes in the power of digital technology for transforming small businesses into large virtual enterprises. By using open source technology, this California-based company can easily promote brick-and-mortar businesses that are limited by their local geography. A platform such as Magento Hosting can support e-commerce operations for small shops as well as large retailers. Isadora Design could also convert blogging websites into online stores by using WordPress templates. This firm knows how to optimize B2C and B2B websites without spending a fortune. Even while working under a tight budget, Isadora Design launches functional websites that have the potential for long-term growth.

Aesthetic Brand Marketing

Carlsbad, California

Aesthetic Brand Marketing builds websites for niches such as health care, medical and retail. This agency knows how to advertise doctors and medical specialists to a target audience seeking high-end treatment options. Aesthetic Brand Marketing launches widespread online ads that focus specifically on keywords that are related to cosmetic procedures including plastic surgery. This firm has also launched many websites for dermatologists and other experts who offer holistic and natural treatment for the entire body. Aesthetic Brand Marketing even goes as far as promoting spas and health clubs that boast upscale amenities such as saunas, massage rooms and much more.


San Francisco, California

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San Francisco, California

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Costa Mesa, California

Aryosys is one of Orange Country's leading Web developers, and they offer amazing services at affordable prices. Whether you are looking to streamline your site to make it more visible for the search engines or you are looking to optimize your mobile platforms, the programming team at Aryosys will work with you to determine your needs and how they can meet them. Their Web design and Internet marketing solutions offer you the power that you need to expand your business online. When you turn to Aryosys, you are turning to an industry leader that has experience, ambition, talent and passion.


San Diego, California

AshWebStudio designs custom websites and launches advertising campaigns for customers in San Diego, California. This firm tailors websites according to the specific niches in which clients do their business. For example, a retailer can benefit from having an e-commerce website that is powered by a content management system (CMS) like Shopify or Magento Hosting. AshWebStudio customizes websites with other open source scripts and codes that are readily available for talented developers all over the globe. For instance, PHP can be combined with MySQL to support databases that are included in enterprise-level websites owned by corporations or organizations with an international presence.

Barefoot Solutions

San Diego, California

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Blitz Agency

Santa Monica, California

Blitz Agency is a Los Angeles-based Web design company that works with high-profile clients in California. This agency boasts an impressive portfolio filled with work for national retailers and regional establishments. Blitz Agency simplifies Web development by using open source tools ranging from WordPress and Joomla to Magento Hosting and Drupal. The influence of California's Silicon Valley is also apparent in the work that is done by this agency. For example, Google applications are used extensively to customize websites that provide vital information for website visitors. Additionally, mobile-friendly websites that are launched by Blitz Agency are optimized for Apple devices such as the iPhone.

Blue Rocket

San Francisco, California

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Border7 Design Studios

Simi Valley, California

Border7 Design Studios provides a variety of services to businesses. Their talented team will create a brand new website or modify an existing one with new applications and updated features. Their e-commerce services help businesses get their online stores up and running, and marketing strategies make sure potential customers find the website. The company understands the importance of mobile responsiveness in today's digital environment, allowing potential customers to easily interact with the website when they're away from home or the office. Web hosting is available as well.

Brick Simple

San Francisco, California

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Alameda, California

Located in San Francisco, CA, C3i3 is a Web design company that is quite comfortable borrowing technology from the nearby Silicon Valley. This firm prefers to apply Google applications to just about any project that involves custom development. Google Maps and Google Search can be customized on Web pages that give visitors useful resources for finding what they're looking for without leaving to external domains. C3i3 also sets up open source platforms that come with cheap price tags. Joomla, WordPress and Magento are some of the content management systems that are installed on secure Web hosts managed by this firm.


Los Angeles, California

With offices in Arizona and California, Ciplex primarily caters to customers in the Southwest region of the U.S.A. This firm launches websites that are designed to adapt to new editions of operating systems. For example, a responsive website is engineered to load on the most recent versions of mobile operating systems like Apple's iOS and Microsoft's Windows Mobile. Of course, there also has to be compatibility with desktop platforms such as Windows 10. Cross-platform function is a key component of app development by Ciplex. This firm looks ahead into the future to launch digital products that will withstand the test of time.

Coalition Technologies

Los Angeles, California

Coalition Technologies specialty areas are in E-commerce, pay-per-click, online branding, programming and development and more. The knowledgeable and talented team from Coalition Technologies work diligently to get to know and understand each of their client's companies, then they develop the best strategy to maximize the return on their investment. After their website and design team build their client's website, they will give them incredible support as they launch and continue to grow.


Sunnyvale, California

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Creative Soda

Los Angeles, California

Creative Soda is a Los Angeles-based firm that delivers Web design and Internet advertising solutions for local customers. Small businesses are the primary clients of this boutique agency with a talented team of graphic designers and Web developers. Creative Soda offers monthly plans that include everything from technical support to custom graphics. Content creation is also available for businesses that want to publish weekly blogs about new products or services. This agency can also take over accounts on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media management by this company is perfect for mid-size enterprises that have limited resources for handling online communications.


Santa Monica, California

As an agency that is located in Santa Monica, CA, Dburns finds most of its clients from the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Some of the customers work in the Hollywood industry, so this company must integrate flashy and entertaining themes into websites. Dburns is capable of making custom animations and other multimedia productions that are heavily inspired by cinematic presentations. Vintage and retro motifs are often integrated into websites that are launched for local entertainers and artists. Dburns also likes to add futuristic elements to websites that are supposed have some sort of science fiction theme as requested by customers.


Encinitas, California

DineLogik launches websites for restaurants and other food establishments in the United States of America. This agency uses simple platforms that contain all of the essential features that restaurants need on the World Wide Web. For example, virtual menus can be set up with interactive features that allow visitors to customize their meal selections. DineLogik also enhances restaurant menus with colorful photos of the food that is actually offered. Landing pages of restaurant domains usually include information about the owners, staff members and other relevant parties. Of course, it's also important to highlight the expertise of the chefs and other culinary experts listed on a given website.

Dogtown Media

Los Angeles, California

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San Francisco, California

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San Francisco, California

Fine is a leading Web design firm that offers their clients much more than just design. Whether you are looking to capitalize on your brand identity or you want to improve your overall online marketing strategy, the team at Fine will work with you to make your dreams come true. The Web is the most important marketing space for businesses today, and your business will take off when you reach out to Fine to help you with your digital solutions. No matter your need, they will treat you with the dignity and respect that you deserve since they value you.


San Francisco, California

Fluid launches flagship online stores for retailers that already have a solid reputation in specific regions worldwide. Only the best e-commerce platforms are used by this company to promote clients. For example, Magento Hosting is considered to be one of the most versatile open source tools for e-commerce development. This platform can also be paired with other resources that are published by third-party entities. Fluid integrates payment processing portals with shopping carts that provide secure checkouts for shoppers. All of the payment information is stored on cloud networks that are accessible remotely via Web portals in Magento Hosting and other Web hosting modules.

Gaslamp Media

San Diego, California

Gaslamp Media is a Web design firm that was established in 2008 in San Diego's historic Gaslmap District. This company applies Drupal and WordPress technology for projects that must have custom features. Additionally, copywriting services by this firm produce high-quality articles that are inserted into landing pages and other parts of information portals. Gaslamp Media has the capacity to launch online stores by using popular open source platforms such as Magento Hosting and Shopify. After installing shopping carts, this company sets up payment gateways that are secured by encryption and other technology with the latest defense against vicious cyber attacks.

Hello Design

Culver City, California

Hello is a creative digital agency that is passionate about the interactive medium. The company was founded ten years ago with the goal of providing quality services such as brand and online strategy, kiosk, gaming and web design, social media strategy, and search engine optimization. Its clients have included companies like Speedo, Nike, The Los Angeles Philharmonic, Sony, Disney and CNBC. Hello is located in Culver City, CA where popular films such as The Wizard of Oz, King Kong, E.T., and Superbad were all filmed.

High Rank Websites

San Diego, California

High Rank Websites emphasizes the significance of visual content in Web development. This San Diego-based agency inserts a variety of multimedia presentations to enhance Web pages for a global audience. Custom animations and videos are used to clearly explain topics that are related to given domain names. High Rank Websites also creates infographics, charts and diagrams that are useful additions to Web pages with lengthy articles. Such visual content is carefully laid out in a way as to blend in with the flow of paragraphs. Dynamic content is also inserted into websites that have frequent updates in the form of blog posts.


Oakland, California

HyperArts is a full-service web design and development firm that builds outstanding websites for non-profits, companies and educational institutions. Some of the professional services they offer include website design and programming, Facebook custom tabs and applications, logo and brand identity and website editing and maintenance. They take pride in the long-term relationships that they've built with their clients. HyperArts also has a talented group of innovative thinkers that will provide support, assistance and services to their clients on an as-needed basis.

iCreative Canvas

Irvine, California

Big dreams come true when you turn to the team at iCreative Canvas for all of your Web design needs. iCreative Canvas has big ideas that are fueling the world of Web design. This award-winning Southern California company is helping customers increase their Web presence with their great ideas and passion for Web design. When you need a page that is going to deliver results, turn to iCreative Canvas and fire and forget. Their original intention was to create a company that focused on digital innovation, and they have met these original goals and more for their satisfied clients.

IDX Central

Chico, California

Real estate companies that are looking to attract new customers reach out to the team at IDX Central for all of their design needs. As more and more people start to look at housing online to augment their in-person search, you need to have a site that is easy to browse and simple to access. If you are trying to sell homes, you need a responsive mobile site that is going to be easy for people to get to when they are on the go. The top sites showcase homes with their best foot forward, and they help you sell.

Infinite Red

San Francisco, California

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Los Angeles, California

Over the years, ITC has proven to the entire world that they know how to treat their clients, and they are excellent at providing quality customer care. They have done this by making sure that all of their employees are the top in the field, and they also conduct things as professionals, regardless of who their client is. Currently, ITC provides a number of different services for their clients to choose from, and some of those services include website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and website development.


San Francisco, California

KNI takes a simple approach to building custom domains for clients in the United States of America. This Web design firm has launched websites for patrons in diverse industries ranging from retail and hospitality to health care and education. Websites by KNI typically have functional User Interface (UIs) that are powered by the latest source codes such as HTML5 and CSS3. Java and Javascript are some other technologies that are deployed to boost the aesthetic aspects of websites. KNI finalizes the development process with the insertion of custom visual content like digital photos, 3D animations, logos, widgets and motion graphics.


Corona, California

Linkurealty is a real estate website service provider that offers their clients semi-custom and custom website designs. They offer their clients a way to effectively get their website online with all the must-have pages or content needed at a budget-friendly price. Linkurealty services also include integrated lead management, lead generation and special customized marketing services. They're a locally grown real estate service provider that are nationally recognized.


Santa Clara, California

Milestone is a premier hotel Internet marketing company that helps the hospitality industry attract people who are looking for the ultimate vacation experience. Hotels that are looking to increase their occupancy rates turn to Milestone for all of their Web design needs. Milestone understands the hospitality industry, and they are able to create sites that are full of keywords and links that get you seen on the Google and Bing search engine return listings. SEO is key for hotels that are looking to stay competitive in the difficult hospitality industry, and Milestone is a great choice for hotels that shine.


Culver City, California

Modern Web design requires risk taking, and the team of designers and programmers at ModMan are not afraid to push the envelope when they take on a project. When you are looking for a site that is going to be different than all of the others out there on the Web, you turn to a company like ModMan. They are an award-winning design agency that is passionate about design. They have a proven approach to Web design that has offered amazing results to their clients since they first opened their doors. For great design, turn to ModMan with confidence today.

Moveo Apps

San Diego, California

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Neon Roots

Los Angeles, California

Neon Roots follows its own signature process for Web development. This company begins building websites with a thorough analysis of previous projects that are somehow related to an ongoing construction. Neon Roots likes to use case studies as examples for new websites that are launched with commercial goals. For example, online stores that have been developed previously serve as models for other projects involving e-commerce development. Neon Roots uses analytical software to review the performance of websites that are designed to bring in profits through online sales of merchandise and digital products or services available for easy download on Web browsers.

NKP Medical

Los Angeles, California

NKP Medical offers Web design and marketing solutions to clients who are in the medical industry of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. This firm can set up a treatment planner system on medical websites that are owned by doctors, clinics and hospitals. The treatment planners allows patients to customize their own options for receiving the right help for their particular conditions such as cancer and chronic diseases. Additionally, NKP Medical also specializes in launching patient referral programs on central websites that have many links to external medical websites. This agency knows how to optimize websites in order to attract new patients via directories and search engines.


San Francisco, California

Odopod recognizes digital products that can help establish companies as well as market companies that already exist. It believes in changing the ways that companies interact with customers and other businesses. Odopod works with businesses of all sizes to develop websites, mobile applications and media platforms. Spaces are created so that they are easy to view and interact with on a daily basis.


Mill Valley, California

OpenCircle gives you design solutions that are unique on the Web, and they help you grow your digital footprint. As more and more customers migrate to the Web for their shopping needs, it pays to have a large presence on the Web. Whether you are looking for help with your site's search engine optimization or with your Web design needs, OpenCircle has the talented programmers, content developers and designers that you need in your corner. They offer you 24/7 service solutions that keep you and your brand firing on all cylinders. OpenCircle is a great choice for your business.


Newport Beach, California

Optimized360 is a marketing agency that optimizes websites for medical professionals in North America. This company launches advertising campaigns for dentists, primary care doctors, chiropractors and many other types of specialists. Online ads are usually launched via pay-per-click (PPC) platforms on Bing, Google, Yahoo and even some social networks that support such programs. Using blogging templates, Optimized360 can also publish press releases on behalf of medical professionals who want to announce new services that are available to patients in a given region. Blogs on medical websites are typically used to discuss various topics that patients might be interested in reading and exploring further.

Orca Creative Agency

San Diego, California

Orca Creative Agency is a top Web design firm in San Diego, California. By combining HTML5 with CSS3, this company builds functional websites without a hefty price tag. Thanks to open source technology, local businesses can afford the professional Web development that is offered by Orca Creative Agency. For example, Magento Hosting or Zencart are utilized to launch e-commerce websites for merchants who are limited to selling items only to a small region. There are plenty of useful tools in these content management systems that are engineered for online stores. Payment processing gateways and shopping carts are the highlights of such e-commerce platforms.


Los Angeles, California

OrphMedia focuses on designing compelling websites for restaurants and hotels, along with mobile applications for these businesses. Their sites combine intriguing design and imagery with user-friendly interactive capabilities. People viewing one of the OrphMedia restaurant websites can peruse the menu while looking at high-quality photographs of the dining area and mouth-watering cuisine. People searching for the right lodging establishment get a sense of what a particular hotel is like while browsing the website. These dynamic sites are carefully crafted to rise in search engine rankings, making them easy for prospective customers to find.

Pereira O'Dell

San Francisco, California

Pereira & O’Dell is an innovative advertising company that provides services around the globe for a host of well-known and influential companies, personalities and brands. This award-winning company melds digital advertising, public relations and traditional marketing to create a unique product for each client that produces results. Pereira & O’Dell strives to create cutting edge campaigns for its clients that draw the interest and fidelity of today’s consumers. In 2015 Pereira & O’Dell won Ad Age's “Standout Agency of the Year” award, and in 2014 it received Fast Company's “Most Innovative in Advertising” award.


Berkeley, California

Based in San Francisco and noted for its clean, modern style and presentation, graphic design firm Project6 offers several different options for its clients, helping draw out the essence of their brands' character and making a memorable first impression on potential customers. The award-winning graphic design firm has a long list of clients and recognition for its work, helping it stay one of the top firms in the design Mecca that is San Francisco. With effective and efficient presentation and a clear eye for a cohesive picture, Project6 helps take their clients' products and ideas and consolidate them into an effective brand.

Propane Studio

San Francisco, California

San Francisco based design firm Propane Studio has worked with clients as prestigious as Volkswagen on user interface and user experience features, which helps recommend them highly for creating a stylish, attractive, and easy to use end product. The design firm specializes in web design with a focus on UI and the user's overall impression of any given site - a powerful intangible measurement that can make or break sales and professional relationships. With full-featured content strategy and marketing services offered as well, Propane Studio makes sure that the beautiful brand it designs reaches a wide audience along the way.


San Jose, California

FFW is a digital marketing agency that brings together five companies with more than 15 years of experience: Blink Reaction, Propeople, Bysted, Chainbizz, and Geekpolis. Their services include social media strategy, insights and analytics, creative, and technology. Their clients include the National Audubon Society, Meny, Venuepoint, Worldview Stanford, Nordisk Film Cinemas, GE Energy Management, and the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. They have offices all over the world, from Copenhagen, Denmark to Princeton, United States.


Temecula, California

ProSites is a well-known dental website design agency that has a content management system that gives dentists the edge when it comes to quickly editing their websites with an easy point and click. Their distinctive services include delivering complete online marketing solutions to their clients, which are medical and dental professionals. The purpose of these services is to bring new clients to them while creating a memorable experience online.


Newport Beach, California

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Scorpion Design

Valencia, California

Internet marketing is the forte of Scorpion Design, a company that is based in Valencia, California. When optimizing existing websites, this firm applies organic methods of search engine optimization. Custom content creation is one way to make positive impressions on Google, Bing and Yahoo. When promoting new websites, Scorpion Design launches more aggressive advertisements that focus on grabbing the attention of a target audience on social networks and search engines. Social media outreach makes up a large percentage of the marketing solutions that are delivered by this firm. Facebook and Twitter can draw just as much Web traffic as popular search engines.

Shiri Design Studio

San Francisco, California

Shiri Design Studio provides affordable, responsive and impressive websites to individuals and start-up businesses. Specializing in Wordpress site development, this award-winning designer creates professional web pages at a price that doesn't break the bank. In addition to building, testing and launching the sites, the San Francisco-based Studio also updates them as needed and offers complete customer service support.


San Francisco, California

Sourcebits has a talented and diverse team of professionals that help their clients do everything from refresh a failing mobility project to begin on a new business solution. Their team will help their clients enhance old-school systems, solve company problems, open up exciting new opportunities and make them look outstanding. Sourcebits also designs mobile applications that are undeniably enjoyable user experiences. Not only that, they create incredible mobile solutions on any platforms and electronic gadget. Sourcebits also continually analyze, test and optimize their clients' apps to ensure the utmost results.


Los Angeles, California

Since the year 2000, Space150 has been helping their clients adapt for the future of Web design. Their sites are some of the most creative on the Web, and they are able to combine exciting design elements with quality content that is useful for the people who visit your webpage. They break the mold on each and every one of the sites that they create, and they take pleasure in making your dreams come to fruition. The team at Space150 has the talent and the experience to take on difficult projects that are delivered under-budget and on-time all the time.

Spiegel Design Group

Los Angeles, California

The Web is a fun place for your customers to connect with your brand, and the designers at Spiegel Design Group help make the Web a powerful tool for you. This Los Angeles firm is one of the leaders in the design game today, and they work with some of the most demanding clients in Southern California and beyond. Their pages are some of the most creative on the Web, and they combine all of the right elements that are necessary to get you to the top of the Web. Spiegel Design Group is taking on all the tough projects.


Santa Monica, California

The top Web designer in Santa Monica is the award-winning team at ST8, and they can work with you to create an integrated marketing campaign that helps you grow your brand online. The functions that the agency performs let you focus on your company's core competencies, and they can help you find the solutions that are going to take your company to the next level. ST8 wants to let online marketing fuel your growth, and they work hard for their clients. When you need content that is part of a comprehensive online strategy, the easy choice is ST8.


San Francisco, California

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Think Apps

San Francisco, California

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TRÜF Creative

Santa Monica, California

Los Angeles is one of the most forward-thinking cities in the world, and the design team at TRÜF Creative harnesses this energy to give you award-winning Web design. They are a creative studio that is obsessed with designing better brands, and they work with their clients to ensure that they are getting the quality products that they need to better connect with the online world. TRÜF Creative has a passion for Web design, and they know what it takes to get a site to the top of the online world. Great Web design comes standard with TRÜF Creative's great team.


San Francisco, California

Ueno is a top digital agency that has all of the solutions that companies need to take over the Web. With office in San Francisco and Ireland, they have the talented programmers and designers that can get your projects done for less and faster. They work with some of the top clients in the business world, and their projects are respected for their appearance and function. From responsive content that is geared towards people who are on the go to traditional webpages that serve as the heart of a firm's online marketing, Ueno will work hard to help you.

Watson DG

Los Angeles, California

The Watson Design Group brings together talented programmers, designers, and content developers who can turn the Web into a powerful tool for your business. Watson DG has a passion for design, and they have the talent and the experience necessary to take on the most difficult projects. All of Watson DG's clients are satisfied with the work that they perform, and they take these relationships extremely seriously. Watson DG can help you connect to the customers who are looking to buy your products, and Watson DG can also help your company be at the top of the search engine returns.

Web Marketing 123

Emeryville, California

Web Marketing 123 is a California-based company that optimizes domains for clients in the United States. This firm does a digital marketing assessment for small businesses and large corporations. Search engine optimization auditing is part of the assessment that comes with an inexpensive price. Web Marketing 123 is also more than happy to offer free consulting on the best marketing solutions that are available for certain niches. For example, e-commerce stores can be advertised on search engines through pay-per-click ads. Web Marketing 123 delivers metrics-driven marketing solutions that can be accurately measured and analyzed with software such as Google Analytics.

WebSight Design

Sausalito, California

WebSight Design creates websites for mobile platforms. It also creates basic websites, specializing in Internet marketing in order to increase the traffic to businesses. The company began in 1995 and is located in the San Francisco area. Technology and intricate details are used to add videos and pictures to each site that is developed, giving a unique look for each business.

Wheel Media

San Francisco, California

Wheel Media is dedicated toward helping companies market their organization or services through multiple offices located in the San Francisco Bay area, Sacramento, Detroit and Charlotte. Offering a variety of marketing services, Wheel Media devises programs that work within client budgets that attract and engage customers and ultimately increase profits. The agency calls itself a one-stop marketing shop that provides a range of services such as website design, online advertising, social media management and traditional public relations such as print design, copywriting and video productions. Clients include companies in business services, construction, real estate, retail, healthcare, environmental companies and start-ups.

Y Media Labs

Redwod City, California

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San Francisco, California

Your website is key to your online success, and the designers and programmers at Yeti make it easy for you to standout on the Web. Great design requires a consistent process, and the team at Yeti has proven that they have what it takes to design some of the Web's top sites. Whether you are looking to create a new page that will be the center of your online marketing campaign or you need to revamp a site that is overdue for a refresh, Yeti will work with you to incorporate your ideas throughout the entire design process.

Zen Den

San Francisco, California

Zen Den is an award-winning digital creative firm that think outside-the-box of design with modern, innovative websites and eCommerce solutions. Their outstanding group of professionals are experts in design and development, incorporating social media that will get results and search engine optimization. They combine technology and free thinking into one process, which opens up a thrilling new frontier of uniquely creative designs while enhancing the way the web looks one website at a time.

Zinc Solutions

Orange County, California

Zinc Solutions likes to split Web development into specific tasks that are assigned to experts. For example, the agency's Web developers focus on source code and other syntax. The company's graphics design department takes on projects that involve custom animations and logos. Marketing specialists at Zinc Solutions are in charge of launching social media campaigns and search engine optimization. Together, all of these professionals contribute to the building of a comprehensive website that is responsive by modern standards. After a website is launched, this agency could take on maintenance and support roles on behalf of valued clients who have limited in-house IT resources.


Campbell, California

Established in 1998, Zurb is a boutique Web design agency that delivers affordable IT services for customers in the state of California. This company has developed its own signature platforms for launching custom websites. The Foundation platform by Zurb is ideal for small businesses, non-profit organizations and academic institutions that seek the latest tools for online operations. This technology can improve communication between a given entity and its subscribers. B2B solutions are also available through the enterprise-level packages that are offered by Zurb. For example, merchants who operate online stores could benefit from establishing reliable lines of communication with shipping carriers and warehouse owners.