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Zinc Solutions is a California-based agency that comes up with custom websites based on the latest editions of open source technology. When developing enterprise websites, this company uses the most powerful e-commerce tools that are loaded into Magento. This content management system caters to merchants who want to expand their operations on an international scale. Zinc Solutions could easily integrate payment processing systems that accept electronic transfers from shoppers worldwide. Paypal is one example of a payment gateway that provides secure checkouts for customers. Google Wallet and Apple Pay may also be integrated into custom shopping carts on Magento websites. When it comes to promoting online stores, Zinc Solutions chooses search engine optimization over other marketing strategies. SEO includes sponsored ads that are managed with a pay-per-click platform. Google offers PPC tools that allow merchants to advertise stores to a specific audience. Zinc Solutions can manage PPC campaigns on behalf of large retailers that need to focus on other logistical operations such as shipping. For small retailers, perhaps it's best to use organic SEO that relies on the proper insertion of keywords into Web pages. Zinc Solutions knows how to describe meta tags of online catalogs. Additionally, every listed product should come with a detailed description that is useful for actual shoppers and search engines. In fact, Google spiders often analyze online stores based on the type of text-based content that is presented on product displays. Of course, Google rankings can also be improved if products include images and video clips.