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TRÜF Creative is passionate about web design and branding strategies. They have worked with exceptionally successful companies like Gevalia and Rocket Fuel. Their experts are dedicated to designing websites with graphics and videos that captivate the people who click on the website. They strive to get higher traffic numbers with descriptions that include keyword phrases and geographic terms. They also work in a variety of other areas like print design, search engine optimization, production, copywriting, social media campaigns, email marketing, brand positioning, and more. TRÜF Creative has more than a dozen awards for their exceptional ideas and innovative advances. TRÜF Creative has won awards for being the Site of the Day, Best LA Card Design, AIGA Design Envy Curator, Graphis Design Gold Winner 2013, and several Interactive Media Awards. They won the annual Print Design Award in 2007. They are a part of the Logo Lounge Master Library Series. TRÜF Creative also won Brand New Awards Judge's Pick 2012 and several honorable mentions in various competitions. Their experts live, breathe, and sleep art and culture. It shows in the websites they create and the strategies they devise for their clients. TRÜF Creative has worked in a variety of fields including television, finance, movies, real estate, and art with clients from museums. TRÜF Creative chooses simple, modern styles that accentuate the brands they serve. Their timeless designs invoke a classical sense of style while providing sophistication and elegance. These additional touches are one of the reasons why they are an award-winning website design studio.