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OpenCircle is a team of innovative, open-minded digital marketers who work with skill and savvy to create compelling eCommerce campaigns that keep the client's brand moving forward in the online world. In a culture where Internet use is common and millions of websites flood the online sphere, business owners who want to keep their brand innovative and original need to bring something new to the table. The techies of OpenCircle make it happen by offering clients a wide range of conventional and unconventional marketing strategies that help with the identity-building process. As web design and development mavens, the OpenCircle professionals make strategic use of text, color, image, and template to construct creative sites that the target market will want to visit again and again. Additionally, the OpenCircle techies utilize responsive web design techniques to help clients connect with people irrespective of the platform they use to access the site. The OpenCircle professionals will also appropriate search engine optimization techniques to help clients attain prominent ranking in the Google, Bing, and Yahoo engines!