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Yeti is a company that believes that collaboration between dozens of field experts is the way to come up with the most useful solutions. Because they dare to go past the boundaries and step into new territory, they help their clients stay on the cutting edge of robotics and IT advances. Their ideas lead to innovative products and strategies that propel their clients to the forefront of the market. Their workers are talented and passionate about design, context, and strategy. They start with a strong infrastructure, and use the unique elements of their clients companies to highlight the talents and offerings they have to give customers. Yeti is known for working outside the box and creating strategies that have never been used. Yeti does extensive research on the needs and wants of customers in a variety of fields to help identify emerging trends. They work quickly to add new technologies that incorporate trending changes into the mix. This relevant content is one of the ways that Yeti uses current information from data collection to keep their clients relevant. Today's market is all about adapting, and Yeti rises to the occasion, often soaring ahead to lead the pack. Learning about target markets is where every company can use a little help. Figuring out the right kinds of people to market to and where to find them is a challenge on any level. Yeti is known for identifying these markets for their clients with ease. They find people who want their client's services.