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Located in Los Angeles, CA, NKP Medical develops and promotes websites for medical professionals such as plastic surgeons. After all, the Hollywood industry has plenty of celebrities and other individuals who seek cosmetic procedures from the best local practitioners. This company knows hot to tap into the L.A. marketplace that is full of wealthy individuals who are more than willing to spend a lot of money to improve their physical appearance. NKP Medical can launch comprehensive medical websites that present all aspects of plastic surgery and other relevant treatment options. Such websites often include patient portals that are loaded with useful resources. For example, patients can log into medical websites to schedule appointments, make payments, communicate with surgeons via messages and do much more. NKP Medical has also developed a unique treatment planning system that allows patients to create their own personalized plans. Besides developing medical websites, NKP Medical also launches marketing campaigns on some of the most popular online platforms. For instance, social networks can be utilized to advertise medical services to a regional audience. This firm ensures that geographic information is included in all of the advertisements that focus on specific doctors or clinics. Short yet effective descriptions are inserted into online ads that appear on Facebook and other social media outlets. Youtube is also used to advertise doctors who are more than glad to appear in videos that appeal directly to potential patients specific medical services. Youtube ads can be optimized with ads that include external links.