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Isadora Design is a Web design agency that boasts an office in Manhattan Beach, California. With such a prime location, this firm has an easy time finding customers from all over the Golden State especially the Los Angeles metropolitan area. In fact, a large percentage of clients are from the Hollywood industry and other entertainment sectors that thrive in southern California. It makes perfect sense that Isadora Design focuses on the front end of websites that are launched for such clients. After all, the websites have to be flashy just as the people or entities being represented on the pages. Landing pages usually include interactive features that truly immerse visitors in a memorable experience. For example, Isadora Design could integrate cinematic effects into the introductions to certain companies or celebrities. Visitors can also expect to customize their browsing experience by sharing some basic information with the websites that are launched by Isadora Design. This firm likes to deploy powerful applications that generate responsive results based on the input of online visitors. PHP and other scripts are applied to ensure that dynamic functions work properly on websites. Perl and Python are some other programming languages that are quite useful in enhancing the responsive character of a given website. Isadora Design also likes to keep things simple when launching personal websites for individuals. WordPress is often used to support blogs and information portals that have little or not commercial ventures. However, it's still possible to activate some e-commerce features in this open source platform.