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Located in Emeryville, CA, Project6 offers Web solutions that are influenced by the high-tech Silicon Valley. Founded in 2001, this agency is lead by two professionals with years of experience in the IT sector. The company's president boasts more than a decade of expertise in interactive technology. The vice president has a solid reputation in branding and graphic design. Together, these technology pioneers hire highly-qualified professionals who can launch innovative websites and Web applications. Project6 likes to solve problems by using case studies that are based on other websites that have already been launched and managed successfully for years. When working with new clients, this agency presents some prime examples of domains that serve as templates for dozens of industries. For example, doctors and dentists can both benefit from buying a package that includes a template for a medical website. Project6 clearly explains to potential clients how the final website will be customized with logos, multimedia content and source code. To streamline the Web design process, this company unleashes the potential of content management systems like WordPress, Shopify, Magento Hosting and Drupal. These platforms can be customized even by inexperienced webmasters who have little time to log into Web portals. Editing a CMS is only a matter of clicking a few buttons on control modules that publish blogs, update landing pages and do so much more. CMS templates that are developed by Project6 also feature search engine optimization tools that guarantee to boost the rankings of Web pages on Google.