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Watson DG is a full-service media and technology company. They specialize in interactive marketing, technology, and creative type projects. They offer a broad range of services that include motion graphics, Unity 3D programs, and viral campaigns. They also have experts in interactive advertising, social media campaigns, Html 5, Facebook Graph API, and mobile apps for all types of devices. Watson DG started out in 2005. They are located in Los Angeles, California. Because they offer such a wide variety of services, Watson DG is a comprehensive service provider that can help existing companies find faster technologies and new companies with everything they need to launch their new identity. Watson DG has extensive game development services that allow website owners to put games on their site to get the attention of more visitors and keep them on their website for longer periods. Watson DG has even worked with global giants like Warner Bros to help them revive their struggling brand. They have worked with several open road movie production companies to produce films like Rosewater and Spotlight. They have helped on projects for A24 Films and Cinetic Media. Watson DG has talented professionals that have experience in numerous fields, but they are all joined by creative energy and passion for designing dreams for other businesses. Their steps to success help many companies spread their wings in new directions to find the audiences they have been looking for all along. Watson DG is a technology expert that has global reach for networking.