Why Using Sketch Makes Sense for Web Designers and Developers

Why Using Sketch Makes Sense for Web Designers and Developers

In 2020, it is pretty safe to say that every website needs to be designed with user experience in mind. Another safe assumption to make is that website visitors expect a certain level of interaction; they like sites where they can do things, which means that web developers should be approaching new projects as if they were vehicle dashboards or aircraft cockpits.

There was a time when user interface design was mostly in the purview of hardware engineers and operating system developers. These days, web designers are called upon to create user interfaces on just about every project. This is the reason we are seeing more progressive web apps and less native mobile apps. With all this in mind, web designers should be looking at creation tools such as Sketch when they take on new projects.

Along with Adobe XD and Figma, web development teams are now turning to Sketch; they are transitioning from Photoshop and Fireworks. Web designers are thinking about user experience, and they are focusing on designing interfaces that make the experience more effective and enjoyable. It is almost as if web designers are now coding configuration screens for video games such as Gran Turismo, where players spend time fixing up their cars in virtual garages before racing down the track.

Many web developers will tell you that the only reason they code in Apple hardware is because of Sketch. This software solution focuses on UI projects that are very intensive in terms of graphics, and it does not shy away from functioning as a Swiss Army knife filled with tools specifically designed to develop apps. Whereas in Photoshop or Fireworks you have to set up grids in an almost manual fashion, Sketch presents you with layout grids ready to be used within artboards.

When you get into the UI design mindset, responsive websites become second nature. Sketch does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to responsive design, particularly for iOS, but the workflow of projects always has mobile users in mind. Using Sketch feels more like putting together a dashboard than making a visually appealing web page, but the end results are always more aware of the overall user experience. For more information click here https://i.redd.it/g1rkh49ash651.png.

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