What Do You Think About This Artistic Web Design Tool?

What Do You Think About This Artistic Web Design Tool?

A website designer shared a link to a website that features design tools for people who claim to have no artistic talent of their own. The tools on the site include art, pictures, fonts, CSS, colors, generators, icons, inspiration and videos. The site is free to use, and so are all of the tools listed on it. Each of the tools listed has a one- or two-sentence blurb about what it is for. A person can also click on the type of tool they want, such as icons, and have the results filtered. The original poster wanted to know what other people thought about the site and the tools.

One person took a look and replied that they found it offensive. Another person agreed, saying that there is still a place for artistry in web design. Someone else also agreed with these commentators, and they wondered why the original poster would even be doing web design if they dislike it that much.

Other people had a different stance on the website and its tools. An individual said that they rely on those tools more than they would like to admit. They do this not out of a lack of artistic talent, but out of a lack of time to constantly generate new art for client websites. Someone else added onto this sentiment, saying it could also help beginners who are new to web design and do not want to learn everything all at once.

One person said they were offended by the idea of "no design" becoming a movement. In their opinion, it is a good idea to bring development and design to the same table when designing a new website. Both areas of expertise need each other in order to create a good UX.

A different person thought this site and others like it could be useful for someone who doesn't know which tools to use. They also thought it could be helpful for a person who wants to try a new tool. Another person expressed thoughts about their experience with development teams that are terrible at web design. For more information click here https://nodesign.dev/.

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