Web Design Clients You Must Fire

Web Design Clients You Must Fire

Some web design clients will literally drive you crazy; always leave yourself an out in your contract where you can fire the client. Having an out lets you deal with your client professionally. Never blow up at a client; stay calm and tell them you cannot build the site they want in good faith, knowing it will not help them reach their objectives. Typical clients who will drive you crazy include:

Clients Who Don't Understand the Design is for Visitors

What do you tell a client who insists on a white background and red text? If you build what they want and show them the results, they will love it. It looks like they are screaming a warning at visitors, but your tactful suggestions are not getting through to them. Just do what they want and tell them no one will convert. When they come back and tell you their e-commerce site is a failure, get them to pay you to redesign it the right way.

Clients Who Don't Trust You

Clients trust you enough to let you design their online store, but they don't trust you to have their password for their hosting account so you can upload the files.

Clients Who Think You Can Build a Website in an Hour

Clients have seen commercials where business owners are showing off their website they built in an hour. The site is just a template used by hundreds of other companies but clients don't understand this. They see someone dragging and dropping a contact form on a page and believe that's what you do. Clients will balk at your price because they don't understand the difference between adding text to a template and designing a custom website.

Clients Who Don't Understand How To Run an Online Business

There are web designers who clients who do not understand how to run an online business. They saw an ad about affiliate marketing and want you to design an affiliate site for them. Unfortunately, they have no idea what they will promote. You’re left with no idea what they want, except for a money-making machine. Try designing that.  For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/web_design/comments/cxaf59/do_you_ever_have_clients_from_hell_who_just/.

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