Some answers to a request for crowd-sourced medical supplies

Some answers to a request for crowd-sourced medical supplies

A web designer has shared a request for help regarding crowd-sourced medical supplies, graphics, icons and other information. They are also working with other designers who do three-dimensional printing. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical supplies are at a premium. Many types of supplies are nearly out of stock in some of the hardest-hit areas of the United States, Italy and other nations. This person has created a set of 3D printable files that physicians can use at no cost for printing parts and components that could be helpful in caring for patients. This person wanted to share those resources with a large online community in hopes that other designers of printable 3D patterns would also make some of their items for medical devices free for those who are on the front lines of fighting this pandemic.

One person replied to say that the original poster should share the request over some additional threads. This is because many designers work in specific areas of coding and might have designed medical parts or pieces using a different coding technique. Another person answered and said that they have a 3D printer and were willing to print and deliver any parts that physicians in their area might need.

A few people added that they are still learning how to code in React. They wondered how they could hasten the learning process in order to be more helpful for this request. A few people had suggestions for the beginner React coders, including tips on where to go for learning resources and coding examples.

Many people said that they would direct message the original poster with their availability to help. A few people wondered if the original poster was going to profit in any way if they shared their designs. The original poster answered those concerns, stating that they are with a nonprofit organization and could provide documentation about it. The original poster also added a comment about having both public relations and legal teams ready to answer any questions that designers might have if they are willing to share their coding and printable instructions. For more information click here

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