Some Advice On Becoming A Creative And Artistic Web Designer

Some Advice On Becoming A Creative And Artistic Web Designer

A person posed a question to a large online forum in which people discuss different website design topics and share tips, links and other useful information. This person said they need to improve their creative and aesthetic aspects of making sites. They said their designs look like junk. They do not need a programming tutorial. Their programming skills are great, but their artistic elements are not.

One person replied with a lengthy set of tips for the original poster. This list included looking at popular sites and seeing what is trendy. They also suggested considering the typeface. Finally, they recommended that the original poster learn forms and how to make them more accessible and useful to all users.

Another person replied to the original poster with some comments about looking at more than one tutorial. There are already a general set of rules floating around many design websites about what makes a great user experience and what makes a bad one. The person suggested a few YouTube videos and channels that the original poster could review.

A couple of people offered recommendations on some websites that have courses or tutorials that they found useful in their design projects. One of those sites was Scrimba. A different person liked Design Course. Another individual suggested Front End Mentor and explained why they like it. Other sites that were recommended include, and

Several people replied and suggested that what the original poster really needs is practice. They could try it on their own blog or website and see what works and what does not. The same people also suggested that the original poster spend some time looking at other websites that get a lot of traffic and have an appealing layout.

There were a couple of other people who commented about finding some websites that the original poster likes and recreating them using the tools they already know how to use. This is like finding a piece of art that a person likes and using a pencil and paper to recreate it in their own style and their own talent. For more information click here

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