Learn How the Image on Facebook Is Coded in CSS

Learn How the Image on Facebook Is Coded in CSS

A web designer shared some updates to the Facebook design and how those changes were made in CSS. The person shared the codes. SVG is in use for avatars and the frames that go around a person's profile photo. The person also shared where and how the SVG was used around the inner rim, outer border and other locations. They gave examples of it in CSS and HTML. This website designer got into the details of how each aspect works so that a person could try it on their own. This link with its examples was shared to a large design community. The person who shared it wanted to know what other people thought.

One person replied to share that they liked the saturation and made a long joke about it in the thread. A lot of people thought their joke was funny. Someone else commented about the dynamic cover photo actually being a blurring effect. The person who designed that responded to that person, adding that they thought it was interesting someone was dissecting their work.

A different person had a question about why images were used instead of box shadows. A person replied to them stating that it was probably an issue related to resource management. The shadows require more resources than the image. Another person added that not everyone using Facebook has a $5,000 MacBook to run it. There are probably a lot of users with older desktop and laptop computers that do not have the latest graphics cards or screen technology to make all the fancy graphics and shadows look the way the programmers intend for them to look.

Someone else had comments about the spacer divide and its presence in a container that offers scrolling. They thought this was an odd way to lay it out. A person replied to their comment and said that it is probably a workaround.

Overall, people appreciated the detailed information in the blog post. They felt like it could help with their own design projects because it gave them concrete information, real-world examples and an explanation of the codes. For more information click here https://ishadeed.com/article/new-facebook-css/.

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