Icon Resource Options Available for Free for Any Designer's Use

Icon Resource Options Available for Free for Any Designer's Use

A website designer wanted to know about the favorite font libraries of other designers. This person noted that there are a lot of awesome font libraries available. The most popular one is Font Awesome. The creator of Bootstrap, Mark Otto, recently released an open source icon library powered by SVG. This person asked a large online community about which open source icon libraries they use for their projects. They also wanted to know if other designers use custom libraries instead of open source ones.

One person wrote back and said that they use Ionicons. They added that it makes use of MIT licenses with SVG as a stand-alone. The designer behind Ionicons replied to the thread, thanking this person for their recommendation and adding that the entire pack is both open source and MIT-licensed.

Another person replied to the thread, stating that they use the open source CSS.gg. They said that the icons are all cleanly designed. The designer behind CSS.gg responded to this person, explaining what is in it and how a designer could make use of all the icons for different coding purposes. A different person said they just get the SVGs they need on an individual basis from Font Awesome or Ionicons. They said that they only use a few icons in their work, and it is not worthwhile to them to download an entire library and only use five of the icons in it.

Someone else replied to the original poster, explaining that they use Feather Icons. Someone else chimed in, saying they also use it. A different person took a look and said that they like the minimalist design style, but they also noted that the selection on Feather Icons was smaller than a lot of other icon libraries.

An individual recommended Flat Icon for its selection and ease of use. Some of the other mentions of icon libraries in this long thread included Material Design Icons, which was also seconded by someone. The Streamline Icons library was mentioned for its low cost and wide selection. IcoFont was also suggested by one of the readers. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/web_design/comments/g8f43y/which_is_your_favorite_icon_font_library/.

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