How to Get Through Some of the Common UI Pitfalls

How to Get Through Some of the Common UI Pitfalls

One web designer is getting a fair share of attention recently for sharing examples of CSS animations. The designer was able to use the animations to replicate the introduction to a popular television series. This only serves to show how an animated color switch can be accomplished with a CSS instead of Javascript.

Javascript has been the standard for web animations for almost as long as the Internet has existed. That's an exaggeration, of course, but it feels that way. A large number of designers seem unwilling to move on from Javascript, even though there are better alternatives today.

One of the problems with alternatives to Javascript has been UI/UX issues. The aforementioned web designer was sharply criticized for problems with the UX of his CSS animations example. Still, the point here must not be lost. The evolution of web design is lacking when it comes to adequate replacements for Javascript animations.

One issue that keeps innovations like CSS animations under the radar is that there isn't much explanation available for those who want to try out the newer methods. Too few people have explored the alternative. Thankfully, individuals like the web designer mentioned at the start are sharing up their methods on CodePen and similar sites.

The challenge with any type of animation has always been working in into the design in a non-obtrusive way that does not impact the UI/UX. Maybe that is why some individuals have been hesitant to move on from Javascript, even though the protocol is famous for slowing down page load times and presenting other issues.

Someday the ultimate solution will present itself. It will offer a simple way to code animations that does not have a negative impact on the UI/UX of a website. Until then it is up to designers to continue the progressive explorations of new methods. For more information click here

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