Here Are Some Great Image Libraries for Website Designer Use

Here Are Some Great Image Libraries for Website Designer Use

Over the last few years, the web design and development community has been fortunate to benefit from the generosity of peers who are also graphic artists. It is thanks to this generosity that we have free image resources such as Humaaans, Undraw, Illustration Hunt, Drawkit, Flat Icon and Blush Design. Before we get into describing what this image libraries have to offer, it should be noted that quite a few other projects are already using these assets, which means that you may end up with a lookalike effect.

The best way to avoid looking like hundreds of other websites out there is to follow the common recommendation of all these resources: Feel free to use the images at will, but please consider using a graphics editing program to improve them and make them unique.


Since 2017, Undraw has been providing web designers with an amazing source of free images contributed by many talented artists. The quality of the images found herein has attracted the likes of Adobe, Google, and Microsoft.


The appeal of Drawkit goes beyond its large index of illustrations; the fact that many of them are available in scalable vector graphics format make them ideal for responsive design projects. You can also select the portable network graphics format if it makes things easier for you.


Pablo Stanley is a highly respected web designer, developer, and graphic artist who has inspired a certain style of illustration you may have seen before. Humaaans is truly a labor of love; the design process almost feels like a game because you can mix and match various elements to get the illustrations you want, but the sheer popularity of this resource has some drawbacks. Quite a few first-time users of Humaaans will feel as if they have seen the illustrations before, and this is because the website has become quite popular in the last couple of years.

Flat Icon

This is another image library resource with an amazing number of high-quality illustrations, but it suffers from the same issue of familiarity as Humaaans. The best way to work with Flat Icon images is to gain inspiration and make your own version in order to avoid a cookie cutter effect. For more information click here

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