Differing Views of the Website Seek Brevity

Differing Views of the Website Seek Brevity

A website designer shared a link to a site called Seek Brevity, which offers some information about semantics HTML markup and how they are important to website design. It is an older article, but this person thought it could be helpful to other coders. Semantic markup is a way of structuring HTML so it has a focus on the meaning of the content instead of how it looks.

The author of the article goes on to say that the architecture separates the content and the presentation in a way that makes visual and conceptual sense to the reader. The author argues that semantics and accessibility are not useful if they are not implemented the right way. This author argues that there is one right way to do this, and they go on to explain why and show a lot of examples about the right way versus the wrong way.

This writer also goes on to explain why anybody should care, which is a common question when people are told they are not doing something the correct way. The author argues that search engine optimization is why people should care. Using semantic markup plays a big role in how the Google algorithms rank a website. Accessibility to all users and easier maintenance are also reasons to do this the right way.

A few people in a large online community of website designers took a look at the link and read through the material. Several of them had comments to add. One person explained that it was a good reference article for HTML, and that its age of two years might make it seem old to some, but it was not that old because HTML is not exactly new.

Another person added a comment about their own struggles as a professional developer and figuring out the right way to go about this. They thought the article would be helpful for their work. An additional individual shared their thoughts about the site being beautiful. One other person wondered why they had been taught to do all sorts of "divs" instead of this coding. For more information click here http://seekbrevity.com/semantic-markup-important-web-design/.

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