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How TomTom is Dragging Apple Maps Down While Google Maps' Accuracy Soars

Last year, both Google and Apple have been updating their maps with minor changes to the overall layout of roads and local buildings. According to a cartography comparison by Justin O'Beirne, Google is adding more details to their maps, of areas between major roads, one being ...


Page-Based and Component-based web application development designs.

Since the beginnings of software development, companies have tried to refine the process of going from an idea to a design, and eventually to a working implementation that realizes the idea. In the modern area of web application development, most companies use page-based design, but your ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Bootstrap++

If you're a fan of Bootstrap, you'll likely love Bootstrap++, which is an open source library created by Araf Karim, based on Bootstrap. It gives designers and developers additional styles to help them create state-of-the-art web apps. It also provides a new look to current Bootstrap ...

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New JavaScript Technologies in 2017

JavaScript has had some pretty significant achievements in 2017. These are achievements that have enhanced the product, and these enhancements have helped web designers to produce a better quality webpages. The following are some of the achievements from JavaScript in 2017. Grid CSS The Grid CSS ...