A Web Designer With A Color Palette Problem Received Many Solutions

A Web Designer With A Color Palette Problem Received Many Solutions

In a large online website design forum, a person posed a question to more experienced web designers. They said they are a web developer and want to imprive their UI/UX skills. When they start working on something new, they are not sure how to choose the best colors. They went to one site and explored the color palettes. They decided to use the first one they saw. It included five colors. They are not sure of which color to use for the buttons, calls to action or the background of the site.

One person replied to the original poster, telling them they do not need 10 different colors. It is better to choose one color from the palette and use 10 shades of it. Lighter shades work well for backgrounds, and darker shades are optimal for text. Buttons should have white text, while secondary buttons should use colored text and borders. A secondary color could be used for accents.

Someone else recommended a snippet from a book on user interfaces. The book is by Adam Wathan and Steve Schoger. It has good info for choosing colors. This individual also recommended that the original poster check colors for accessibility.

A different person said they choose colors from the brand logo. If there is no brand logo, they ask the client if they have a preference. Several people agreed with that. Another person shared some video links on colors that the original poster could watch and learn from. On a related note, another individual suggested reading on graphic design and the theory of color. Someone else said the original poster should look at other sites for inspiration.

One person sad to choose dark colors for calls to action and buttons and light colors for the background. If the site needs a dark mode, they would reverse the color scheme. A few people said they just use a color picker that is based on algorithms.

Others said not to pick a rainbow. Most people pick one primary color. One person said to use Adobe's Color Wheel tool. It is free and easy. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/web_design/comments/hfh2m0/choosing_colors_for_my_web_design_project/.

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