Worthwhile Web Design Technologies You Can Learn from Home

Worthwhile Web Design Technologies You Can Learn from Home

Seeing as the Internet is growing more popular by the day, as are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, other social media networks, and just about every single website out there - at least active websites with quality content that's uploaded on a consistent basis - it only makes sense that website design, either front or back end, if not both, should be taught in schools around the United States, a country that prides itself in being one of the best places to live on planet Earth.

Unfortunately, the majority of both public and private schools don't bother with instructing kids about the basics of the Internet, like how packets are transferred and through what kinds of hardware such information passes through, nor topics like coding, website design, front-end development of web pages, spotting fake news, researching things on the Internet to find the truth - nothing.

While some American schools do, in fact, go heavy on topics related to computers, the Internet, and other technologies - talk about lucky students getting a headstart in life - most places don't, leaving people interested in the wonder of website development to learn on their own.

But thankfully, we have the Intenet to help us learn! And from the comfort of our own homes, or wherever we decide to learn, at that.

Considering that you're most likely interested in learning software to beef up your website editing, creation, and designing skills, here are some good languages, software, and programs to learn.

It Might Sound Simple, But...

HTML - Hypertext Markup Language - and CSS - Cascading Style Sheets - are the two most important things to learn when it comes to web design. The former structures websites, whereas CSS designs and style content laid down with HTML.

Look to the free learning sources Codecademy and Coursera for help.

Image Editing Goes A Long Way

GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program - is open-source, meaning you can modify it slightly or entirely, as you see fit, and benefit from up-to-date bug fixes. This program helps you do virtually anything imaginable to images of all shapes, sorts, and sizes. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/web_design/comments/8e34ao/whats_some_good_software_to_learn/.

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