Why You Need To Know And Use Front-End Web Design

Why You Need To Know And Use Front-End Web Design

An employee who designs graphics for use on websites and who takes part in a business' online marketing campaigns might assume that they would never have any need to partake in front-end web development. However, a rudimentary grasp of the more baseline functions of the HTML and CSS scripts will benefit virtually anyone who works in areas that are tangentially connected to companies' online spaces. A digital marketer can easily find himself tasked by his client to manage the client's website and update its layout and content; this is when it becomes highly important to know not only basic front-end syntax but also user interface design concepts.

Web marketers should broaden their knowledge of front-end web design by attempting to create experimental HTML documents. That way, the marketer will have some sort of direction to fall back on when looking over a website's UI syntax and mentally working out changes. Rather than purely looking at the underlying code, however, the marketer should investigate downloadable frameworks that streamline the process of prototyping and structuring websites that would visually appear to have been professionally executed. One such set of downloadable frameworks is called "Foundation," which encompasses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript templates that can be read and manipulated easily by their users.

A marketer might be tasked with changing and adjusting the aesthetic theme of a website. This is primarily done through PHP scripts, which is effectively code that is executed behind the scenes on the server hosting the website so that HTML content is dynamically arranged and presented to clients' browsers. A website that is hosted on the WordPress platform can have its theme changed through a far more simplistic process because WordPress provides an interface that streamlines many web design practices for users who do not know the precise syntax.

Even so, a marketer studying UI design would do well to look at the PHP syntax that WordPress' systems arrange in advance for its users' benefit. Tutorials explaining how to handle WordPress can illuminate how separate HTML and PHP files can connect to each other and mutually interact. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/web_design/comments/bky2ex/im_interested_in_ux_design_but_feel_i_could/.

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