Why a Flex Box Is Making A Big Splash in CSS

Why a Flex Box Is Making A Big Splash in CSS

When you need to plan a project in a way that makes sense to a person who is not on the programming or technical side of things, a flex box makes the entire process much easier. A flex box is a sort of flow chart, but it uses boxes in flexible arrangements and configurations. The illustrated flex box tutorial allows you to see the properties of CSS codes visually. The flex box makes it easier to teach others about CSS and to take a critical look at your own work.

The illustrated tutorial begins with an item, which goes into a box. The box is enclosed with small margins for ease of reading. The start of the flex box is in the upper left corner, and the end is at the lower right corner. Items that are loaded into the box are justified to the left side. A cross-axis allows for vertical alignment of stacks of items within the flex box.

The container in a flex box arrangement refers to the entire enclosed space. The flow of reading is the same way as reading English on a page. The process begins at the upper left part of the page, and you read across a line. If there are vertical stacks of items in the flex box, processing of the items down one from the top begins again on the left side, and you read across the row horizontally. This process is repeated for each horizontal row when there are vertical columns of items in a container.

If the programmer wants to use a different row or vertical alignment construction for the box, this must be identified and labeled so that the user understands this and begins viewing from the correct position. For example, in a flex box wrap orientation, items are numbered with the first in the lower right corner and the last in the upper left corner of the labeled container. Less commonly, a flex box container can have a vertical orientation, and it can have a flex wrap within the vertical orientation for the items. For more information click here https://medium.freecodecamp.org/the-complete-illustrated-flexbox-tutorial-d35c085dbf35.

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