Website "Wrap Around" Scrolling Effect Mirrors Retro Video Game Mechanism

Devolver Digital is a video game publishing firm that has been able to build a niche brand thanks to fun and interesting titles such as the Hotline Miami series. The company tends to attract independent game developers who follow a retro aesthetic of 8-bit graphics and great replay value, which are two aspects at the heart of Loop Hero, a role-playing game with an incremental loop mechanism.

Loop Hero unfolds in a fantasy world where players assume the role of heroes who must navigate dungeons for the purpose of freeing a world that has fallen into chaos and darkness. Through some kind of supernatural force, this fantasy world unfolds in a timeless loop, which means that players will navigate paths that are never the same. RPG elements such as monsters, classes, skills, resources, inventory management, and cards are all coded into the game. The random generation of elements and the loop concept are irresistible to fans of the RPG genre, and you can get a pretty good feeling of the game when visiting its website, which has gotten the attention of many designers and developers.

Web developers who have discussed the Loop Hero website agree that it is a work of art. They like the retro aesthetic and the homage to old RPG video games, but they are more impressed with what happens as you scroll down the page. Dragging the vertical scroll bar or simply dragging the touchscreen down results in an introduction to a looped and darkened dungeon that illuminates gradually. Scenes of the game are displayed, and visitors can scroll all the way down to the bottom, thus completing a loop.

The sorcery-like trick of the Loop Hero website occurs at the end of the page, which loops back to the top so that visitors can display a different dungeon. In essence, the web development team has been able to replicate the game's loop mechanism by means of what looks like infinite scrolling, but it is actually a loop with a random generation function implemented. Many developers are still trying to figure out how this was done, but quite a few are wondering if the game could be coded to be played right on the browser. For more information click here