Website Design: Stand Out in a Sea of Good Designs

Website Design: Stand Out in a Sea of Good Designs

Thousands of new websites come online every day, and some designer - whether professional or amateur - needs to design each of these new pieces of web-based, interactive art. Unfortunately, website design is a challenging endeavor for amateurs and professionals alike. The internet is littered with hundreds of articles and videos on best practices for web design. Such pieces provide guidance but never guarantee perfection.

Decent Websites Are Easy; Memorable Websites Are Not

With these "best practices", designers and developers can make decent websites. It's not difficult to design a website that's functional and somewhat pleasing to the eye. Designing a website that stands out or feels like a fluid experience is a different story, though. When designers follow the best practices mantra, they end up with a good website, not necessarily one that stands out from the crowd.

Details, Details, And More Details

Every decision and line of code matters when it comes to web design. Even the smallest decisions can impact the experience for visitors. For instance, choosing a lackluster font could make an entire website look dull and uninviting, causing visitors to leave. Websites are designed to attract visitors and keep them on site as long as possible, so that's unacceptable. The small things matter, and each detail requires consideration.

Don't Overlook The Small Things In Website Design

Throughout the design and development phases, it's important to focus on the little things. Small details on a website can make the user experience and user interface much, much better. Visitors may not even know they appreciate a given design choice on a conscious level. For the best results, designers need to play around with their design choices and test them with potential visitors before letting the website go live.

No website should be rushed onto the web with random design choices.

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