Webmasters: Read This Regarding Your Toggles!

Webmasters: Read This Regarding Your Toggles!

Coders like to check out the sites that other people make. In this case, a coder found an example of a site that features under-engineered toggles. This programmer wanted to show the toggles to the others in order to learn more about their opinions.

One person took a look and found it ironic that although the toggles were under-engineered, the rest of the layout of the site seemed to be over-engineered. Another person noted that they did not like the delay between when they tapped on the toggle and when the site was able to respond to the tap. The 10 ms delay made it seem as if it did not register the tap. This caused frustration on the part of the person who did the tapping. For some of the interactive features, there was up to a 250 ms delay.

Yet another person felt like animated controls are never a good idea. They find the experience frustrating and time-consuming. This person prefers a check box instead of a toggle bar. This commenter does explain that they tend to be a little bit old-fashioned. They admit that they prefer a high-density user interface that moves along quickly with no delays or ease.

Another person said that the site did not do very well in the mobile environment. The site got stuck on some of the blocks of code, and the animations did not work properly in the mobile environment. The person did not mention what environment they were using, such as iOS or Android or which version of a mobile browser they were using. Those would be important things to know when checking on whether or not a site's responsive elements were functioning properly.

There was one person who did like everything as it was on the site. Their beef was with the shadow that was used in the site's design. This person felt like the heavy shadow did not go well with the rest of the elements in the site. They recommended removing it so that the design elements would look more seamless and coordinate in a better way. For more information click here http://adrianroselli.com/2019/03/under-engineered-toggles.html.

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