Webmasters: Color Nuances For Your Website

Webmasters: Color Nuances For Your Website

A web designer can never have enough good palette tools, as creating color palettes is in many ways the foundation of any good web design. ColorKitty is a new web app that provides web designers with a wealth of features within a simple and easy-to-use UI.

When creating a new palette with the app, you can assign this palette with a name and choose to fill the palette with anywhere from a single color to 6 of them. After selecting one of these colors, you can assign a color in one of the following ways:

A color spectrum A hex color code An RGB value An HSL value
The app further lets you adjust colors through the following means:

Shades Harmony Contrast
You can also import a set of colors from an existing image. To do this, simply click the Upload button on the palette widget and select an image, and the app will then fill the palette with the colors it finds in the image.

Another neat feature of the app is the ability to copy to the clipboard the hex color code of any color of the palette by clicking on it.

After you have created your palette, the app lets you export it. All you have to do is click the Export button, and the app will give you the option to export your palette to one of the following formats:

You can also export shade information along with the colors by clicking Include Shades prior to clicking the Export button. You can further tweet your new palette by clicking the Tweet button.

Finally, while ColorKitty is completely free to use, the developer provides the option to tip him or her. To do this, click the "Buy me a coffee" on the bottom left-hand corner of the app. For more information click here https://colorkitty.com.

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