Web Developers Mull Over the Possibilities of PHP Codes

Web Developers Mull Over the Possibilities of PHP Codes

A person who does web development came across some PHP code, and they wanted to know if anybody else had seen anything like it. The piece of code was a library for showing different languages. The person showed a snippet of the code so that people could determine whether or not they were familiar with it.

One person replied and stated that the effect could be achieved with any sort of a tab library if it is combined with a plugin that highlights the syntax. The tab library would allow the developer to load HTML into each tab. Then the developer would put the code snippet into it with the syntax highlighter.

A different person suggested that there is no API component that translates into all of those languages. They were not sure of what the original poster was trying to get at with their question. They wanted to know if the original poster was referring to the tab component or the syntax highlighting component. The original poster replied in order to say that they were referring to the snippet component, thinking that it would be neat if that part of it were shown in different languages.

Someone else wrote back and said that they had a library recommendation for the original poster. The person said that the library could have the potential to do what the original poster was looking for in posting snippets in multiple languages. This was in JavaScript. Someone wrote back and said that they thought the original poster was looking for more of a one-off solution and not a resource.

Another option suggested to the original poster was writing customized markup with predefined styles. This same person suggested another solution for the original poster, which would be to use dynamic highlighting of HTML code blocks on the site.

Someone replied to say that there is a site called Postman where a visitor can use a drop down menu in order to get codes in different languages for the API. Someone else replied to that comment and said that it is just an API for languages. For more information click here https://i.redd.it/u7mh4tgsd2o31.png.

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