Web Developer Community Weighs In Wildly On Shared Animation

Web Developer Community Weighs In Wildly On Shared Animation

A website designer shared a moving object footer design that is made with CSS and SVG animation. The actual graphics were removed due to a copyright violation. A few people pointed out that the same user had shared the same thing on at least one previous occasion. One of the people who remembered this animation from the last time the original poster shared it had three pieces of advice, which is the same as the last time they commented. Those pieces of advice included making the car the same perspective as the rest of the design, speeding it up and hiding the animation when it overlaps the area of the content. This last tip is to avoid causing an issue for wideness on smartphone screens.

Another person added a few pieces of advice. One was that anything moving should only do so if it is realistic. The balloon should float, for example. Airplanes usually move when in flight. A slight sway of the palm tree could be a good idea when simulating wind.

Another person added a comment that the design had no changes since the first time the original poster shared it. A different person thought it was tacky because the movement is too linear. Someone else agreed that it looked robotic, but they thought the overall concept was a good idea. Another individual added that it is a neat idea, but not well-executed. They commented that as a proof of concept it is alright, but the car perspective bothered them. Things are not moving that should be moving, which distracted them.

A few others had additional comments. One of them said that it reminded them of an old website that used marquee for everything. A few people thought that the tips for improving the animation were good. Others thought the idea was cool.

One person had more detailed comments. They saw no reason to execute it with SVG. They noted that it could be done with CSS and transform. Someone else thought sprite animation would be better because it offers perspective adjustments. Most said there's room for improvement. For more information click here https://v.redd.it/r8cewzp8clo41.

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