Web Dev Finds a Way to Recoup Some Lost Income

Web Dev Finds a Way to Recoup Some Lost Income

It is a sad fact that a lot of developers end up not getting paid by their clients after they start doing a project. While some of these people did not have contracts or agreements in place, many of them did. It is possible for a client to walk away even after making a partial payment, even up to a 50 percent down payment to the developer. The developer is left with time that they cannot get back and a piece of work that it is unlikely they can use for anything else.

One developer who had this happen to them decided to make the most of the situation. They chose to take the platform that they built and make it an open source for anyone to use. This developer is happy to at least be able to give something away that other developers.

A person wrote back saying that even though they require a 50 percent deposit on their web design services, the same thing has happened to them. They have decided to make the most of these situations by saving the template and making a preview of it available on their website. When someone wants to have that layout for their site, they get to have it at a discounted rate. This person is able to recoup most of their money and time investment by offering the pre-built site at a discount. Clients like it because they get the site faster.

Another person replied with a compliment to the person who came up with this idea. Turning lemons into lemonade reduces resentment. This person also liked the discounted rate idea for the partially built site that would allow the client to just drop their content into the framework. This commentator noted that the people who have come up with these solutions should include that statement in their contracts. Then the clients would know that the work they partly paid for would benefit someone else, even potentially a competitor of theirs. Developers will continue facing this in the future, and these are good solutions to recoup some lost money. For more information click here https://github.com/TrillCyborg/onefraction.

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