Web Designer Seeks Tips on Sharing With Clients and Migrating

Web Designer Seeks Tips on Sharing With Clients and Migrating

A web developer wanted to know how they could develop a site for a client then migrate it to a different domain, host or server. The person's plan is to build the website then let the client check it out where it is. The designer's next step would be to move the site to the client's pre-paid domain. The designer wants to know how they can do this without paying for extra domains or burning domains after just one use.

One person wrote back and told the original poster to use a customer.youragency.com domain as a hosting provider. When the coder is ready for the client to check the work, they would then go to set the DNS to customer.youragency.com to that server. The client's old website would be up and running through the entire time. When the client gives the go-ahead, the entire new site could be moved to their existing domain, overwriting the old one or saving the old one and renaming the new one slightly differently so that the client's longtime customers could tab over to the old version of the site if they prefer it.

Another person responded and said that an option could be to host the client's new site on their own domain for an extra fee. This would allow the old site to remain functional or available if needed, and the designer could have another stream of income without having to do much.

Several people suggested using a sub domain for this project until the new site is approved by the client and ready to go live. Several others also added a reminder to back everything up in at least two places in advance of the migration.

Someone else suggested leaving the client's old site as is on its server and setting up a password-protected access to the newly-built version of the site on the programmer's server. The new site would be on a sub-domain for ease of access and migration. A few website coders spoke up and said this is what they have done in the same circumstance without any migration errors. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/web_design/comments/dtrizb/how_do_i_develop_a_site_for_a_client_and_then/.

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